Chuck Eager, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Chuck is a licensed veterinary technician who has worked with Dr. Lamb since 2001, first in Brookwood Village, and now at Vulcan Park Animal Care on Valley Avenue. In addition to being a licensed veterinary technician, Chuck holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. Chuck and his wife, Jessica, have two children, Charlie and Hannah. Their pet family consists of two cats named Jack and Gnocchi, a couple of chickens, and a hive of honey bees.

Roberto Colin, Kennel Attendant

Roberto has been a member of the staff at Vulcan Park Animal Care since we opened the current location at 1779 Valley Avenue in 2007. Originally from Toluca, Mexico, Roberto has earned a reputation for being very kind and caring towards all animals. All of our clients and patients know and love Roberto. His own personal pets include a husky named Shira and a cat named Luna.

Corey Ezell, Kennel Tech Assistant

Corey joined the staff at Vulcan Park Animal Care in 2016. A graduate of Homewood HIgh School, Corey is proud to serve as a kennel tech assistant for the clinic. Corey has a lab mix named Diamond and a Corgi mix named Kota.

Brady, Kennel Attendant

Brady joined the Vulcan Park Animal Care team early in 2019. He is a graduate of Homewood High School, attended Birmingham Southern College where he played soccer, and is currently enrolled at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Brady’s family comes from Alabama and Louisiana, and their pet family has always included at least four dogs.

Emily Barber, Front Desk Attendant

Emily, a graduate of Woodstock High School, has been part of the staff at Vulcan Park Animal Care since 2018. She has a dog named Cowvin and a cat named Fireball.