Our Services


If you live in Homewood or the greater metropolitan area of Birmingham, and you need someone to care for your pet when you are away from home, bring your sweet baby to Vulcan Park Animal Care and we’ll supply lots of TLC. Your pet will feel right at home in our comfortable quarters where we maintain separate boarding areas for dogs and cats, ensuring that all animals will have a pleasant, stress-free stay.

At Vulcan Park Animal Care, our full-service boarding facility includes indoor, indoor/outdoor, and private boarding areas, as well as a sizable outdoor exercise area. Your canine companions will have plenty of room to stretch out and relax and time to play outside and take care of business. Your feline friends will have their own special suite that includes a windowed outdoor view as well as an aquarium full of tropical fish for their viewing pleasure. We also provide daycare services for pets who need entertainment during the work day, and we have grooming services that include everything except breed specific haircuts.

We feed all boarding guests Purina’s EN Gastroenteric diet and provide blankets and bedding for your companion’s comfort. Pet owners, however, may bring food from home and favorite toys or blankets if you think it will make your pets feel more at ease. Our staff monitors the appetite and urination/bowel movements of each boarded pet, and our veterinarians will be alerted if any problems are noted.

Because space in our boarding facility can fill up quickly, we ask that you make reservations in advance, especially around the holidays. All boarders must be up to date on their vaccinations. Please call Vulcan Park Animal Care for pricing information and for any questions you may have.